*Ticky Tacky* @ The Black Bacchanal

The Black Bacchanal is back! 

This time the theme is Anarchy in the UK!  And OMG there's so much fabulous stuff in store for you!  Oodles of punk-inspired hair, clothing & jewelry, with a designer list to make your wallet weep!  You've only got until Wednesday, September 15th to grab all these deals! >:O

*Ticky Tacky* has a TON of brand NEW goodies for you!

~Death or Glory Brooch~

~My Girl Likes to Grapple Earrings~

~Avenue C Squatter Earrings~

~Garageland Bracelets~

~Sanctified Necklace~


There are even 2 Gatcha Gatcha Machines filled with all New goodies!

All of these Gatcha Gatcha prizes are marked down to only $13L!  Everything is transferable, so you can get loads of fabulous gifts for all of your friends, all for next to nothing!

~Hey Stud Bracelets Sets Gatcha~

~Nina Knows How to Party Earrings & Bracelets Gatcha~


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